A long time ago in a distant galaxy, there was a civilization that built homes in the rocks of the canyon. The largest population centers were close to the rivers from which food and drinking water were drawn. Residents don`t have wars, they lived in harmony with nature and took the strength and wealth from it. Priestess Mia had ruled her pepople. She was known as a person who have a huge passion for gold. She also loved a red color that was extracted from minerals excavated during the drilling of rocks. She ordered of all of her subordinates women to dress in red robes in her image and likeness. Only men were able to wear clothes in a different color, but they style had to be the same. Old men dressed in purple robes, young in white. Mila wished to subordinates to set up a statue of gold showing her likeness in a gesture of welcome. To meet the challenge of the gold was mined continuously from the rivers for many years. This was a job for the women because there was only few young and strong men in comunity. Young men called sires. It was a time when only girls were borned, thats why 99% of the population were women. It was time for a change when he arrived.